Blaesodactylus Boivini

Giant Madagascar Velvet Gecko

Blaesodactylus Boivini are from the NW of Madagascar. They live in a semi arid forest and scrub area. They love climbing trees and hiding out in bark. They are apparently nocturnal, but we enjoy watching them bask in the open all day long., they do not hide during the day like many nocturnal geckos.

B. Boivini are not common pets and not much is know about their care and keeping. We are going to tell you what works for us and share some tips that others have found work well for them.

Food: We feed primarily Crested Gecko Diets, they seem to love Pangea. According to others, they like crickets and/or meal worms weekly, but this has not been consistent in our experience. We keep a dish of water in their enclosure and they drink from it regularly.

Housing: Our recommendation is that you house each B. Boivini individually, but we have had success with housing females together as long as the enclosure is big enough and there are enough hides. Ours have been together since hatchlings and we have heard that they are increasingly difficult to house together as they get older. Absolutely do not house more than one male in one enclosure.

We house all of our B. Boivini in screen enclosures (we know keepers who house their B. Boivini in glass tanks with success too, but take care that they do not stay too humid), they are arboreal geckos, so the more height you can give them the better. Our recommendation is 1 gecko in an 18” x 18” x 24” high enclosure, 2 geckos in a 24” x 24” x 36 high enclosure, and 3 geckos in 36” x 36” x 48” high enclosure. We have had great success with these numbers.

They will enjoy lots of cork bark pieces and long branches (or stumps) that nearly reach the top of the tank. Some hiding spots are also necessary, but they will often be out in the open

For substrate we use a paper towel bottom (with a tub of dirt and sand), a fully eco earth and sand mixture would be wonderful too.

Temperature and humidity: They are from semi arid forests and do not seem to need the humidity of many other species from Madagascar. Most of the day they are at our room humidity of 45% to 55%, with a misting in the evening just so that there are droplets on the greenery.

We keep them at room temperature with a high basking spot of about 32*c. They will fully use a piece of cork of some kind of basking ledge up high, where they can access the basking temperature.

Since they do not hide during the day and are accustomed to sunlight, they will need a UV light to provide UV exposure.

What do you need to bring your Blaesodactylus Boivini home?




food bowl

water bowl


vines and plants

branches and/or cork bark

preferred substrate

ground hide

basking ledge

heat lamp and bulb

UVB lamp and bulb